Sometimes the automatic upgrade system don’t let we know that there is a new Ubuntu version.

Let’s see why and how to upgrade now to the new Zesty Zapus release.

Why I can’t see the upgrade notification?

In System settings, in Software and Updates, user can select to receive notifications for all releases or only for LTS releases.

You can modify this setting to upgrade to a non LTS release.

How to force the upgrade?

Naturally you can force the upgrade with a command line software.

First of all I suggest to upgrade the old installation with these commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt -y –force-yes upgrade
sudo apt -y –force-yes dist-upgrade

Now clean from not useful files:

sudo apt autoremove
sudo apt autoclean
sudo apt clean

To start the upgrade to the new release, simply enter this command and follow on-screen instructions:

sudo do-release-upgrade -d

If you do it, or in a guided upgrade, in a laptop PC, please connect it with power cable.

Upgrade time could be so long.

If your old Ubuntu is a VERY OLD installation, the upgrade procedure will be repeated more than one time until reach the 17.04  release.

At the end you can use your new Ubuntu Zesty Zapus and, if you want, try other desktop environment to test Gnome or KDE.

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